The JFG Group

Making Business Happen 

Association of former ambassadors

Established in 2004

The broad aim of the Association of Former Ambassadors is provide and operate strategies for meeting the needs and welfare of its members and at the same time promote better relations between countries and peoples around the world.

 The strategies to be employed in attaining these objectives would include the following:

​ 1. A non profit organization based in New York City, USA, the great diplomatic center of contemporary times.

2. Coordination of operations for its business, including compiling a data bank of former Ambassadors from around the world.

​3. Invite all countries to take notice of the Organization and to facilitate participation where possible.

4  Work with the Foreign Ministries of Heads of Governments to get the information out.

5. Secure the Patronage of a former Ambassador who may have ascended to the Position of Head of State, Head of a major International Organization such as the UN.

6. Offer the talent and experience of Former Ambassadors to Governments, the United Nations, other International Organizations, global organizations such as the Red Cross, United Way, and other organizations. Offer services to Educational Institutions with a view to teaching the conduct  international affairs and diplomatic practice.

​ 7.  Providing a forum of speakers consisting of Former Ambassadors and High Commissioners for United Nations School Organizations or any other forum interested in securing this caliber of speaker.

8. Creating special relations with Charitable and other non profit organizations interested in working for mutual benefits.

9. Open communications to all former Ambassadors who may or may not be in immediate contact with their respective Governments or colleagues.

10. Secure website to enable members to communicate with each other on a privately.

11. Offer services to the private sector, including business and finance, which may be interested in taking advantage of the special experience and expertise of Former Ambassadors in specified areas of competence.

​ 12. Set up a school or work with an existing institution to provide a program of  training in the conduct of international affairs and diplomatic practice open to all who may be interested, including the media.