Donations; If you can not participate in establishing a World Standing Together in your area, we welcome any financial support in making America Great again. 

Review the simple model below that is an over simplified to show the basic economics. Another key part of the model is the ownership and control remain at the local level not at a Nation level.

World Standing Together program started in the United States in 2001 as America Standing Together.   Today our goal is the reach every Nation in the world and provide this model for economic stimulation.  

  • Knowledge through access to the latest technology.
  • Prosperity through new job creation in energy, water, technology, and other green products.
  • Health by support green products and sharing of medical knowledge and support worldwide.
  • Spirituality by supporting all beliefs that provide peaceful coexistence.
  • Happiness by the overall change in the quality of life for all people.  


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Economic Business Model 

The Model below is based on supporting a city with 100,000 people.  World Standing Together creates a public or private partnership with local business or the city.  The partnership is created by selecting the specific needs of that charter.   The goal is to bring the best business leaders together with the experience to make a difference in the city and gain synergy through the joint cooperation and a City/State/Province or Nation "Theme".  In America. President Trump has created the Theme " Making America Great".  World Standing Together is a potential program that provides the economic model through " America Standing Together".

World Standing Together will provide a 30:1 lift of locally raised funds to support the overall charter of each program.  The goal is to drive economic stimulation and support humanitarian programs to assist the elderly, handicap, veterans and poverty stricken families. 



Each of the blue buttons below has attached PFD files that explain additional details and guidelines about the program or economic models.  Please take to time to review and send us your comments or suggestions.  We are not attempting to say we have all the answers, but we do believe as a collected group for the betterment of humanity we will find the right answer. 

For additional questions or general inquires email: info@americastandingtogether.info or

complete the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.



The starting point to establish a charter in your city, state, region or your country starts with a basic membership. If you are looking to fund a project please review our funding schedule procedure so you clearly understand the process and potential timing. Once you are a member, we will start the process and see if your project can be accepted and funded by our finance committee under the AST charter, or other types of financial programs. Becoming a member does not guarantee a loan can be approved. 

Conclusion:  World Standing Together brings all the right players to the table and provides the additional capital to make a difference in your city, state, province or nation. 

World Standing Together works with humanitarian programs in assisting the long-term substantial of their programs. 

The World Standing Together model addresses the Nation as a whole from the Executive Branch to the grass roots small business programs.  

As the World is changing due to automation, many jobs will continue to be displaced and people must be retrained or moved into humanitarian positions.  

Countries need to reevaluate conventional economic models and start planning for new concepts such as Universal  Basic Income (UBI).  World Standing Together system will coordinate and support long term efforts of providing UBI to our sponsoring Host Nations. 

The World Standing Together programs were created to assist Nations in making these types of transitions for the future.  

Key Contacts are available to assist the establishment of a local charter for the World Standing Together program.

Single Memberships - Business and/or Family  

Annual Membership for America Standing Together is currently $495.00.  Become the first representative in your area and be part of the solution in making America Great again.  If you are interested in establishing a full charter please complete the form above.  The city charter is priced at $162.00 per population size. 



How can you participate - 

1. Join World Standing Together, single membership or business.

2. Donation 

Select the area of interest to World Standing Together Directors of the above areas.

To purchase a World Standing Together Charter - complete the form below.  Funds can be wired or if using a credit card - the Donate Button.  The cost for a city or area Charter is $162.00 USD per person of population area.  Complete the form attached to the Guidelines and Terms.  Upload agreement when you complete the form to acquire a charter. 

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