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Understanding the process and potential timing. 

A.  Review of the first submission is expected to be 4 to 12 weeks, depending on funding cycle.

B.  Go or No Go - will be sent out to all submissions.  This is a letter of interest, not commitment.

C.  If Go, then we will expect the following submission to finalize a financial structure to support the project.

  1. Cover letter by project developer or sponsoring promoter addressed to the Project Committee of Jupiter Fund LLC with a request for project funding
  2. A Power-Point (Slide Show) Presentation File with project highlights
  3. Feasibility Report/Study (to be submitted subsequently, if not available)
  4. Business Development Plan (incl. initial buy-out takeover or M&A, if any)
  5. Sales & Market Development Plan
  6. Executive Summary and/or a concise version thereof (3-5 pages)
  7. Mobilization/Pre-operating expense budget
  8. Budget & Draw-down schedule Cash-flow Reserve Requirement
  9. Profit & Loss financial projection (3-5 years)
  10. Breakeven analysis
  11. Technology patent documents, if any
  12. Company profile with Organization Chart
  13. Company bank account details
  14. Government or official approvals and/or licenses
  15. Curricula Vitae of key personnel expected to undertake responsibility in company/project
  16. Administration: top management (including Executive Board Members)
  17. Sales & marketing development (including e-commerce if applicable)
  18. Technical: Engineers, architects, designers
  19. Research & Development
  20. Finance & Accounting 
  21. Legal 
  22. Human Resources
  23. Public relations & networking
  24. Third party endorsements, recognition awards, news clippings, prospective clients’ letters of interest, etc.
  25. Exit Strategies for investors or funders; options other than risk management policies\List of possible strategic partners, prospective customers or end users.
  26. If available, please provide prototypes of products, in-action demo video, artist impressions, blue-prints, brochures, pamphlets.

This list is a sample only, each project has its own needs and requirements.  Jupiter Fund business analysis group will work directly with the project managers to assist in the development of the above final submission to ensure success and proper structure. 

For additional help or creating custodial accounts or establishing a Trust, you can contact National Sales Corps.

Submit a Project 

National Sales Corps agreement:

NSC provides services through a custodial depository and consultant agreement.  This agreement provides access to the full Jupiter Financial Group of services: 

Understanding to Trust structure: 

Jupiter coordinates project funding worldwide.  Loans, grants, and underwriting is handled through one of our local affiliated banks or company.  The structure of the financial package is dependent on the project and the overall objective. 

Terms are targeted to stay within local range of country or 1% above LIBOR depending on risk analysis, collateral, and experience.  Jupiter will also act as a merchant bank in many of the projects that are considered core businesses.  

Complete the short form below, and submit the required basis information.  Jupiter will let you know within 14 days if we have an interest. 

Project Funding Form

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Understanding The Process