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Infinite Networks Corporation 

This page is not for public information - these disclosed documents are directed to private accredited investors that are directly involved  in a series of private transactions with Infinite Networks, Jupiter Financial Group or other entities. 

Pending or completed transactions, many transaction have been delay due to the overall banking and political worldwide instability. The recent election in the USA signals a strong change to the world and many of the transaction should now be cleared to move forward.  This disclosure is only a earnest and honest attempt to make sure our private investors have a clear picture of Infinite Network.

Infinite has completed a private placement and will be issuing a additional 20,000,000 shares. 10,000,000 shares are being issued for 3,000,000 grams of gold bullion in future gold production agreements and 10,000,000 shares for assignment of a partial receivable value at $75 Billion.  Management has choose to show the gold at $35.00 per gram and carry to receivable at $18,750,000.

The estimated net book value of shares today is $0.64 with the proposed additions in gold and receivables is estimated to bring the net book value to $125.00 a share. 

The Private Placement document provides full disclosure in these transactions.  Management is confident in what has been disclosed since its only a small portion of what is available long term. 

Short term liquidity remains a issue and now seeking ways to handle in a 504 domestic issue if the pending transfers are not achieved during 2016.  Under the 504 rules Infinite can only raise $1,000,000.00 during this period.