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Making Business Happen 

The World Standing Together ("WST") Program is a fully funded gold back program. 

What does that mean and what is the next step?

National Sales Corps, the founding group of World Standing Together, has signed a Worldwide Collateral Commitment Agreement that will provide the 30 to 1 leverage ratio to support the business models. 

Local charters are now available to potential investors that want to make a difference in their city or region. 

There are three simple steps to get started. 

Timelines and expectations: Estimated time frame and policies statements

1. Receipt of Commitment Letter -  Approval within 2 weeks.

2. Creation of Trust Charter and Area Approval - by 3 weeks

3. Issuance of Trust Charter - with 2 weeks after promissory / local commitment 

4. Project approval - as approved by local bank partners 

5. Financial support - within 10 banking days of local bank partner approval

Disclosure:  World Standing Together program is subject to local laws and may have to adjust some 

economic models and use of certain financial instruments based on AML compliance.  The WST polices and models within the website shall be considered as part of the same document and commitment. 

Financial Commitment Chart:

The chart below shows an overview of the financial commitment to establish a World Standing Together Program by population size.

Project Funding within the World Standing Together 

Once the World Standing Together Program is established, local projects can be considered, approved and funded within the Jupiter Financial Group Investment  Policies.

The project funding process can take 1 to 6 months depending on the complexity of the process.

Here are the basic documents to establish the charter in your local area:

1.Creation of a Trust and CERTIFICATE OF LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP.  This is the controlling document issued by National Sales Corps once you issue a Irrevocable Letter of Commitment requesting the geographic area for your charter.

2. Sample of the Irrevocable Letter of Commitment.