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During the last 25 years, hundreds if not thousands of people have risked their lives to return our Nation back to " We the People"

National Assembly Handbook

America was stolen from "We the People" through a series of events since the 1860s. 

Its up to you, "WE THE PEOPLE"  or  'WE THE GOVERNMENT"

Now its up to you! We have recovered the unincorporated republics and each state now has to assembly and take orderly control of their sovereign state.

The JFG Group

Making Business Happen 

So is the Earth getting smaller 

Now that we understand the nature of man. Lets me attempt to give you a snap shot of where we are today.  Need to pay attention.

No, but the ability to travel, gather information, stay up to date has going from weeks or months to milliseconds.

Nature of man, not going to bore you.  We are bad, just can't seem to help ourselves.  Not that

we haven't done great things, but power is corrupt, absolute power is absolute corruption.