The Global Innovation Group (GIG), is a collection of industry experts.  Creation of new products from everyday living to artificial intelligence.  GIG has assembled management experience with 100s of years in specific industry knowledge and relationships that provide vertical marketing from creation to manufacturing and onto the retail floor or other mediums.

As part of the Jupiter Financial Group it provides the experience to connect the dots worldwide in solving logistical issues facing most industry as the world gets smaller.  Our experience and boots on the ground allows Jupiter to create and deliver new products that addresses many of the environmental issues facing every country.  

If you need to solve a problem or find a new solution to the ever changing market, than GIG can assist in solving and creating for tomorrow.  

GIG is the think tank that drives new innovation into Jupiter Financial Group.   Our operating partners are worldwide with new innovations that effect every industry on the planet.   GIG is the incubator for development of these products.   Speed for market penetration is the game changer.  Today's world allows billions to be sold before most companies can establish a patent. 

Jupiter Financial Group will move these product into our public entities or private markets and partnerships.  

GIG will provide the capital, management experience and worldwide marketing support to move your idea into a fully developed market utilizing one of our Public Entities. 

Our focus is New Technology in green energy, transportation, environment, water, and food systems, but our goal is to create long term sustainable economic programs.

The  INCYOUBATOR  program is the heart of our business model.  Our terms are simple, we support your idea and develop it over a 3 to 5 years period.  Once your company is strong enough to survive in the private market or public market Infinite releases you into the world.  

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