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Infinite Networks Corporation

a Wyoming Corporation (in trust)

Public Traded Company

Currently Listed on: OTC- Pink Sheets 


Business Focus:

Small business is the heart of American Business and creates most of the jobs.  Infinite Networks Corporation goal are simple.

Seek out the creative ideas of America and allow them to be fully developed where they can thrive in a healthy business community.

Infinite will provide the capital, management experience and worldwide marketing support to move your idea into a fully developed market. 

Our focus is New Technology in green energy, transportation, environment, water, and food systems, but our goal is to create long term sustainable economic programs. 

The  INCYOUBATOR  program is the heart of our business model.  Our terms are simple, we support your idea and develop it over a 3 to 5 years period.  Once your company is strong enough to survive in the private market or public market Infinite releases you into the world.  

Our goal is to help you create and live your dream in support of building small business in America.

Contact our office at: 

Financial Structure: (In Trust) 

Authorized Shares:  Unlimited 

Estimated Outstanding: 200M

Estimated Public Float:  15M

Estimated Shareholders:  1700

Filing Status: Non-Edgar Reporting

Stock Transfer Agent:

National Sales Corps


  Infinite has created the Wyoming Corporation, but continues to retain the assets and shareholder in trust since 2011.  

(Note:  Stock information is disclosed under the Jupiter Financial Group Investment Policy)