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Infinite Networks Corporation

Infinite Networks Corporation, a is Nevada Corporation

Public Traded Company

Currently Listed on: OTC- Pink Sheets 

Symbol: INNX

Business Focus:

New Technology in green energy, transportation, environment, water, and food systems.

Latest News:

The group has signed new agreements to support the gold back shares in March 2018 and recently signed additional agreement to provide long term stabilization of the share price.  We are now working to get everything up to date and start 2019  strong.  We have also been working to bring new technologies to the group from energy to clean water.  We appreciate your patience and we are still dedicated to make Infinite a business incubator where America can bring new technology to the market. 

Financial Structure:

Authorized Shares:  250M

Estimated Outstanding: 200M

Estimated Public Float:  15M

Estimated Shareholders:  1700

New Long Term Potential Structure (injection of 1 to 5 grams gold bullion per share)

Authorized Shares:  1 Billion
Estimated Outstanding: 500M
Estimated Public Float:  300M
Estimated Shareholders:  5000 +

Filing Status: Non-Edgar Reporting

Transfer Agent:


4045 Spencer Street, #403

Las Vegas, NV 89119