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Infinite Networks Corp.  Nevada

INNX has re-domiciled to Wyoming and currently moving forward with our original business plan.  We have attached a shareholders report that was issued to the series of agencies due to the actions of Mr. Lazar.  ​We will advised once a full resolution has been issued.  Our goal remains to protect our shareholders.

Infinite has legally moved to Wyoming and retained the shareholder base in trust.  The events of Nevada, OTC, SEC and other agencies have refused to take action to date due. 

The disclosure currently being made on the OTC site in reference have been made without any information from Infinite management team.

We are attempting to allow time for the court and other agencies to take the right action. ​  

World Standing Together 

The America Standing Together approach has been adopted worldwide.   Our approach is addressing the world and the nine continents that define the DNA Tribes of the world.  It's providing complete vertical financial economic sustainable programs.

January 13, 2020

The Veteran Ranches of America 

The VRA is dedicated as a one stop shop for Veterans, First Responders and their families. 

As part of the America Standing Together program our goal is the return to the values of America.   It's take a village to raise a child even when they return from War or other high risk life threatening events such as 911. 

America Standing Together was created as a result of 911 and today has grown into the " World Standing Together Program". For more information check out the page on VRA.

America Standing Together:

America Standing Together agreements have been signed providing funding to rebuild America. We expect funding to be released before the end of September 2018  that will support the creation of millions of jobs nationwide. As change takes place in 2018, America Standing Together will kick off a reinvestment program in America exceeding one trillion dollars. It will create millions of new jobs for our veterans, from high tech manufacturing to construction. 

Updated as of: January 13, 2020