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Making Business Happen 

Jupiter has been working to establish a strong asset base for the shareholders of Infinite Networks Corporation (INNX) and Qenex.  This has been a long drawn out process due to the global economic and political situation. 

Our plans have always remained the same, to acquire and place a large gold asset base into both companies. Earlier this year Jupiter was able to structure a stock purchase agreement that would move between 3,500 MT to 5,000 MT into position to finalized these goals.

Jupiter is expecting to have all the agreements in place before the end of first quarter of 2017 to move Gold Bullion into INNX and then Qenex. 

The plans are to have a minimum of one gram (1 gram) of gold bullion as a asset for every authorized share of common stock issued by INNX and/or Qenex.  Jupiter has the commitments to move forward and now working through the legal issues as we address the public companies.

The strategic plan is to support the stock with a Gold Bullion asset of not less than a minimum of 1 gram of Gold Bullion per authorized issued shares of the Company. Then we execute our business plan to add the technology in each company to drive the long term growth.  This will provide a strong asset base price linked to the gold bullion and a mix of new technologies to provide high growth, plus minimize the overall shareholder risk.

The management team of Jupiter is under agreements with INNX since 2004. This announcement is to make sure the shareholders of INNX and Qenex are fully aware of the pending plans. 

At this point there are no signed agreements with INNX or Qenex to physically move to gold bullion into place, but we are now 90% sure it will be a reality soon. 

Jupiter goal is simply to protect the loyal shareholders and build a strong company to create jobs, revenue streams and profit. We will not try to speculate on the potential value of the future shares that is up to the market.  We just want to let the shareholders know we are trying our best to protect the true value of your shares.

We will make public announcements as soon we get everything completed and filings done with the SEC. In the meantime, hang on to your shares, they could be worth their weight in Gold.

America Standing Together has also been approved and funds will be available before the end of January.  Lets make America GREAT again.  

Chairman - Jupiter Financial Group

January 18, 2017


America Standing Together:

America Standing Together agreements have been signed providing funding to rebuild America. We expect funding to be release before the end January 2017  that will support the creation of millions of jobs nationwide. As change takes place in 2017, America Standing Together will kick off a reinvestment program in America exceeding one trillion dollars and create millions of new jobs, for our veterans for high tech manufacturing to construction. 

Updates from the office of the Chairman

Qenex is also part of the funding package being put in place by Jupiter for the 3rd quarter of 2017,  plus a solid asset base to protect the shareholders. Qenex is also targeted to be a gold back stock of the Jupiter Group. We expect new changes in the USA policies in 2017 that will provide new jobs creation across the Nation.


Loan agreement signed in July 2016 is expected to be released before the end of this month.  The company has arranged a series of new technologies that bring in strong revenue streams during 2017, plus a solid gold asset base to protect the shareholders.  INNX is expected to be in position and fully operating during the third quarter of 2017.   As of July 9, 2017, everything is still on track for the 3rd quarter full operations.

Infinite has continued to work on energy generation technology quietly for the last 10 years. We are now confident this technology will be in position by the end of 2017 for commercialization.   This and other technologies being brought into Infinite will potentially make 2018 a year of growth and expansion.


Updated as of: July 9, 2017