Karamouzi's Bank/Trust Ltd. (KBT)


KBT is registered in the Republic of Cameroon

Company Focus:

Company operates as a private banking entity in support of the Jupiter Financial Group and its affiliated companies and operating partners since 2004.

KBT License as a full service financial institution;

           a. General financial activities.

           b. Lending and borrowing.

           c. Savings, time deposit.

           d. Financial management and credit operations.

           e. General commercial banking.

           f. Money Transfer and management of the accounts.

           g. Buying and selling of deposits and bonds and issuing and dealing with shares, stocks and other securites.

           h. Trust administration, insurance, collection and settlement of international debt.

           j. Performance guarantee, buying and selling deposits.

           k. Traveler checks, cashier checks and handle foreign currencies and handling international debt arising from trade.

           l.  Bills of collection, letters of credit and guarantee(s).

           m. Management of portfolios, financial advisory, merger, and acquisition.

           n. Project finance and other matters whilst liaising with national monetary financial and economic authority and Regional Commission for Banking.

           o. Secure the repayment of money borrowed from Bank.

           p. Carry out all activities that meet with the approval of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Cameroon and Central African Regional Commission of Banks.

           q. To make, accept, endorse, negotiate, discount, buy, sell and deal with bills, notes, and other negotiable or transferable instruments.

           r. To borrow and secure the payment of money in such and manner... to mortgage or charge the undertaking all or any part of the property ...

           t. Train and create employment for workers.

           u. Buy, take on lease or otherwise, acquire lands, buildings, and real property, lease claims, and license, other authority over land...

           v. Enter into a merger and take over partnerships, and outright sales, and to acquire sole or jointly, shares and securities of companies and their assets...

           w. Guarantee the performance of contracts and commercial activities and to finance the same...

           x. To do all such other things, business and undertaking that are incidental or analogous and conducive to the attainment of the objectives stated herein above.   



Registered Office: Limbe, Fako Division, Cameroon C/o Postal Box 621, or contact Jupiter Financial Group, NSC or one our affiliates  ​

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