Over the last 25 years NSC has created hundreds of these entities worldwide Today the trust continues to operate and in most cases local entities have been created to operate within the proper jurisdiction. 

The trust operates and controls huge amount of assets and financial capacity through these entities, as a sample is shown below:

National Sales Corps Trust 

Overview of some of the Series Trust

Name of Trust/AssetFocus of Trust/ Account Type of AssetFace Value Assets HeldCreated
Jupiter Financial GroupFlagship operating entityReceivables Excess of $1 Trillion2004
Concepcion Foundation Philippines Trust ConsolidationGold/ Bank AccountExcess of $1 Trillion
UBS GoldG725-703-D-UBSGold Excess of $1 Trillion
INYO MiningReceivable backed by GoldGold Ore$2,100,000,0002001
Faulon TrustCitibank NY - Lewco account - 09253792Cash accountExcess $500 Billion2006
MJL TrustAsset ManagementGold/Cash Excess of $1 Trillion
WST PIFinancial CommitmentGoldExcess of $1 Trillion
HSBCPower of Attorney Cash Account$500 B2019
NSCCACollateral AccountsGold & Currency$50 Trillion 2018

To review the details on any of the above assets please complete the form below to received clearance.

National Sales Corps Trust 

The trust was established in 1995 under Article I, Section 15 of the US Constitution. 

The Trust operates worldwide through series trust that are created by authority of the master trust. 

These entities operate much like a advisory board or joint venture. Since common law and/or rule of law is the primary basis in most other Nations, these entities are the prefect vehicle. 

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