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North America Standing Together program started in the United States in 2001 as America Standing Together.   Today our goal is the reach every Nation in the world and provide this model for economic stimulation through " The World Standing Together Program" 

  • Knowledge through access to the latest technology.
  • Prosperity through new job creation in energy, water, technology, and other green products.
  • Health by support green products and sharing of medical knowledge and support worldwide.
  • Spirituality by supporting all beliefs that provide peaceful coexistence.
  • Happiness by the overall change in the quality of life for all people. Type your paragraph here.

World Standing Together Program is not about making money, its about allowing you to fulfill your passion.

  • Yes, it does provide you with the opportunity to achieve your goals, not ours.
  • Economic models are built to give you the local professional help.
  • Provides you with $30 investment to every $1 you invest.
  • Worldwide coordination to supplies and buyer.
  • Access to new technologies.
  • It takes a village to raise a kid, or create a new business.
  • It you want to walk fast go alone, it you walk to walk far let us join and support your passion.


Founder of World Standing Together 

John W. Bush


Mr. Bush is a senior executive with over 25 years dealing in the financial global ​marketplace where he has been directly involved with reshaping the global marketplace.  His experience in the Communications, Banking, Insurance, Finance industry and debt restructure gave him the knowledge and experience to conceive the America Standing Together Program in 2001.  Since that time the program has receive interest worldwide and grown into " World Standing Together" as know today. 

Mr. Bush was the founder of International Sales Coordination Network that was deeply involved during the early days of the Russia Break up and supported these efforts through a series of Humanitarian food efforts to support the people.  Mr. Bush has experience and meet with heads of state to restructure national debt and financing of large infrastructure projects. 

Mr. Bush serves as President and Chairman of two public companies and and Managing Director of Karamouzi's Bank & Trust Ltd. 

Mr. Bush spent 15 years in the telecommunications industry as the Co-founder of Schneider Communications and a Director for MCI, a public company and Vice President for Winstar Communications, another public company.

Mr. Bush also server as the Maintenance Chief in NAS Patuxent River, MD with overall responsibility for the Harrier program and Boards of Inspection and Survey (BIS) for the TAV8-A and other weapons programs such as the Harpoon system.  Mr. Bush was a QA officer an qualified of all systems for over 100 different aircraft. 

Prior to Corporate experience Mr. Bush spent 10 years in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam era and later received a commission in the USAR and retired as Major in 1995. 

Mr. Bush holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin

and a Master of Science from Cardinal Stritch University 

Mr. Bush handles all aspect of World Standing Together worldwide, but is directly involved with the America Standing Together programs where the economic models are created. 

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