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National Sales Corps

Established 1990

National Sales Corps, "NSC" was created as a Ohio corporation in 1990 and moved into its current Trust form in 1995.

Due to the type of business NSC gravitated towards in the earlier 1990, we looked for a long term entity to fit our needs. As a international service provider and working with Governments and agencies we choose to move into a Common Law Trust in 1995. Operating in common law, rule of law we found to be the common thread worldwide.

Since that time, NSC has operated on every continent and with governments, agencies, private entities through NSC or one of our series trust or affiliates.

Today NSC groups has over 500 Billion dollars under management and have been party transactions that generated multi -trillions of dollars in the last 10 years.  

NSC works in conjunction with the other operating and trust entities of the Jupiter Group.  Our management teams are fluid as they move into different entities to provide the support as needed, or consulting services from time ti time. 

NSC establish's series trust for the Jupiter Group that provides separate trust entities to coordinate private transactions worldwide. Once operational entities are established the Trustee(s) provides advisory support. 

NSC also works closely with a private banking entity that allows certain members of the management team to handle private banking transaction.

NSC has provided services to thousands of groups worldwide in complex financial structures to normal business transactions.   Our goal is simple, provide a one of a kind type of service for our clients, confidentially and quietly.  In our world stealth is the only road to success.  After 26 years of successfully operating, if you don't know us, than we are doing or job correctly. 




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