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Making Business Happen

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National Sales Corps is a Service Disabled

Veteran Owned Small Business

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International  Management, Transfer agent & brokerage services 

National Sales Corps has over 25 years of experience in international management and broker services.  We have affiliates, contacts, sister trusts and management teams in every part of the world as the founding group of  American Standing Together and World Standing Together.

National Sales Corps has experienced personnel in almost every industry known to man.  Our vertical marketing plans provide full coverage in most countries from the Executive Body down to the street level.  Our affiliate groups Jupiter, World Standing Together provides unique business opportunities across all industries.  

If you need a commodity, raw goods, financial support, business development, commercialization of a product, entry into a foreign country to expand your market NSC can assist.  NSC also is the transfer agent for all the Trust and series trust. 

If you have a business need, allow NSC and its team to assist.  Please complete the simple form or drop us an email to