Allen from Texas: I was in a meeting and actually in pain due to a tennis elbow problem. Found myself having a hard time to focus on the content of the meeting. Another participate in the meeting noticed I was having problems, he  zap me with the powerwave laser from across the table.  About 5 minutes later I realized my elbow had stopped hurting.  What did he do to me I was wondering as he sat there smiling at my amazement. So TODAY!  I am a believer in the powerwave laser. 


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We could list 100 new testimonies daily, we suggest read about frequency generator for healing,bracelets to balance your body,  heal yourself at home products.   We want informed customers and distributors.  We want YOU to feel better everyday of your life.

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​     The applications are endless with the PowerWave 

Great for fund raising programs for your school, church and other non-profit organizations.  PowerWave can custom produce your Logo, a special message for orders exceeding 501 units. Just complete the form and tell us your needs, we will have one of our account executives contact you. 

Any item may be returned within 30 days after purchase. Just complete the form above and PowerWave will issue a return confirmation number. Item must be shipped back to received a refund, minus shipping cost and a restocking cost of $6.95.

Marilyn from Memphis; I'm not sure what is does or how it does it, but it works and I have fun daily zapping people and watching their reaction. I have zapped all my jewelry with the powerwave. So I feel like the energizer bunny.  

Share your interest to be a distributor TODAY! or  Order some powerwaves TODAY for you and your friends only $29.95.   Please allow 7 to 10 days days for delivery, due to high demands.

John from Virginia: I thought it was a joke, than I realized it was the most amazing technology I have ever used. I looked up like products, they were charging $69.00 for one bracelet and $2500 from frequency generators. I paid $29.95 and enhanced everything in my house, even zap my toilet bowl and is stays cleaning longer. Its just hard to believe, now that I have used it, I would have pay $100 in a heartbeat.

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