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Worth reading to clearly understand the truth and structure of the USA, inc.

What is the truth?  What is reality?  So it's not really what we thought, who cares?  

Judge Anna, recently put the chart below together attempting to place the story on one page, someone like we attempted to do with the above chart a couple of years ago.  200 years and thousands of laws, treaties etc.. has placed The United States in a sub-sovereign position.  The battle to reclaim our Nation has been going on since  1963 as President John F. Kennedy attempted to remove the Federal Reserve. 

Read the complete Public Order:

The Timeline of the Great Fraud and Declaration of Law:

Bush Declaration 1775

Understand the current, present and future of our Nation.

Reclaiming the Republic of the United States America

The system we currently operate in has taken hundreds of years to put in place.  Very carefully crafted and slowly move into position in order to seem normal. 

We the People

The Bill of Rights

The Constitution 


America Dream 

Great Nation on Earth

If you are a Patriot and stand ready to support the true Republic of the United States of America please confirm your commitment by submitting your name as a Patriot of the Republic.  Prior to the Declaration of Independence small groups made their statement in support of the Patriotism of a new Nation.  The Bush Declaration was signed on March 22, 1775, we have restated a like document as a symbol and commitment to the re-establishment of the Republic.