The JFG Group

Making Business Happen 

‚ÄčThe ALLATRA Global Partnership

Agreement is the basis for practical implementation of the spiritual and creative society model by means of establishing an entirely new format of relationships between people in the labour field of society. It is based on the universal human spiritual and moral 7 ALLATRA Foundations.ALLATRA Global Partnership

National Sales Corps

Private Trust

Inyo Mining Group

Precious Metals Mining Group

Global Petroleum Group

Oil Management Group

League of Champions

Elite Services Group

Hard Hat Bid

Project Bid Management Company

America Standing Together 

Worldwide Grass Roots Project Management Network

Qenex Communication Inc.

Communication operating group - OTC Public Company Trades -  


Offshore Banking and Trust Group

The JFG Group

Project Planning and coordinating 

Infinite Networks Corporation

Technology operating group - OTC Public Company 

Trades - INNX

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