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World Standing Together Program is not about making money, its about allowing you to fulfill your passion.

  • Yes, it does provide you with the opportunity to achieve your goals, not ours.
  • Economic models are built to give you the local professional help.
  • Provides you with $30 investment to every $1 you invest.
  • Worldwide coordination to supplies and buyer.
  • Access to new technologies.
  • It takes a village to raise a kid, or create a new business.
  • It you want to walk fast go alone, it you walk to walk far let us join and support your passion.


As a veteran senior executive, Kynaston G. Perreira, Sr. has advised international governments and corporations and has contributed significantly to the global impact that industries such as mining, international finance, petroleum, transportation, energy and infrastructure development have had in recent decades. He is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kynaston & Associates, Ltd., an international consulting firm specializing in equity and internal/external debt funding, international finance, project management, financial analysis, feasibility studies and products market coordination.  

Mr. Perreira is one of the co-founders of Jupiter Financial Group and Global Petroleum Investments, Inc. where he is a Director and serves as President for the South Western Hemisphere.  Specializing in finance, technology, international marketing, logistical transportation, human resources, asset management and leadership.

Mr. Perreira has worked with the governments of Brazil and Guyana, South America to Develop the Roraima-Essequibo Transportation Corridor, a multi-billion dollar project.

Earlier in his career, in recognition of his achievements, Mr. Perreira was selected by the Secretary of State of Puerto Rico to promote participation in the Puerto Rico 936 Fund under the Caribbean Basin Initiative and the Caribbean Development Program and is the Economic Advisor on Foreign Investment to the Government of the Dominican Republic 

Mr. Perreira, Co-Founder of The Association Of Former Ambassador is also the official Coordinator for the Dean of Ambassadors for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Mr. Perreira was the former Senior Advisor to the Board of the World Energy Forum and The World Water Organization and as Chairman of the Corporate Committee organized a high level symposium at the United Nations on Water Terrorism Prevention in January 2009.

Mr. Perreira was designated as Ambassador for Middle East Peace and Stability by the National Black Republican Council.

Mr. Perreira was appointed by the Institute of Caribbean Studies as Envoy on Governments and Corporate Affairs for the Western Hemisphere.

Mr. Perreira was appointed President and Roaming Ambassador Western Hemisphere, of the Humanitarian Hearts Foundation, a Presidential Decree. He has also served as Non-Executive Director on several Boards and Advisory Boards, including Reach the Children Foundation.

Mr. Perreira served as an Advisor to the 2013 New York City Mayoral Election, Clean Water Corporation and Broadcast Communication Corporation.

Mr. Perreira is the founder of The Perreira Spirit Humanitarian Foundation,

Managing Director South America

Rashith Torres


South America 

Fernando Rashith Torres Gallardo, Ecuadorian, is an Electric Electronic Engineer who began his career with AT&T working for Ecuador’s Exclusive Representative and achieving knowledge and experience in telecommunications, intelligent building systems, electronic security and systems integration. AT&T, IBM and Schneider ILEVO certified him to develop the engineering and budget. 

After been part of many private projects and developments where the different steps: engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) mixed with operation and transfer, have been successfully completed; another step started with public projects where the integration of the knowledge, human resources and strategic alliances made possible solutions, improvements and milestones in local communications services and engineering applications. 

Working with multinational relationships: public companies, private companies and governments, now is a part of: 

Jupiter Financial Group as Managing Director for South America and Executive Vice-President. Perreira Spirit Humanitarian Foundation, as Executive Vice-President Local commercial agent of Engineering Professional Services from USA.. 

Works implementing the relations, feasibility studies (legal – technical – economic and environmental) to create better human conditions, social development, economic development and new energy matrix, fuel matrix and improve construction methods with new materials and technics.  

All the efforts may benefit local parties, private and public.


Executive Director South America

Kynaston G. Perreira, Sr.

South America Standing Together program started in the United States in 2001 as America Standing Together.   Today our goal is the reach every Nation in the world and provide this model for economic stimulation through " The World Standing Together Program" 

  • Knowledge through access to the latest technology.
  • Prosperity through new job creation in energy, water, technology, and other green products.
  • Health by support green products and sharing of medical knowledge and support worldwide.
  • Spirituality by supporting all beliefs that provide peaceful coexistence.
  • Happiness by the overall change in the quality of life for all people. Type your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.