a Qenex Operating Entity                

TRIPLE 7 COMMODITIES, INC. is a C-Corporation organized in West Virginia on August 23, 2016. Damian A. Caldwell, Michael Church, and Jawanza Moseley, principals at Triple 7 Commodities, Inc., are the sole shareholders and have launched the Company to undertake the coal mining operations as discussed below.  Through a Private Placement Memorandum, the Company wants to raise $75,000,000 to pursue these operations. 

The Company has been organized to mine and quarry surface and underground coal (the “Company Business”). The Company intends to acquire land, mineral rights, and mining permits and licenses throughout the West Virginia Market and develop its own vertical infrastructure to obtain economies of scale, support its own operations and offer its services to other local processors and mining operations throughout the United States.   

 The Company’s vision is to become a national distributor of coal across the United States, while availing itself of international opportunities as they continue to present themselves and make economic sense.  The goal is to establish a standard and world class, environmentally friendly green coal mining company that in our own capacity will favorably compete with leaders in the industry on the domestic and international markets. We want to build a coal mining company that will be listed among the top 10 coal mining company brands in the United States of America.

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