The Veteran Ranches of America objective is the establish these type of ranches nationwide in support of our America Warriors.  We have chosen Remount Foundation as a model that has the proven track record and over 50 years of experiences dating back to Vietnam.

America Standing Together has joined up as partners with Remount Foundation and planning to expand this exciting program across America.  These men and women can be heal and returned to a normal life and achieve their God given potential.  

Our great nation has given so much to help the world, but it comes at a great cost to people and families for generation to come.  Our current warriors are making more tours than ever before and we are losing them daily due to the stress and not enough help.   America Standing Together believes these type of program that are outside the hospitals will have the great effect.  The last place warriors want to be is in a hospital. Making these type of facilities available can make the difference in life of death. 

Transforming these great patriots has now become America Standing Together number one priority.  Our goal is to have at least one ranch in every state in the next 5 years.  Come join our team and become part of the healing process for our Warriors.

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The Veteran Ranches of America 

The VRA is dedicated as a one stop shop for Veterans, First Respondents and their families. 

As part of the America Standing Together program we are dedicated in supporting veteran programs that effect every part of their life. America Standing Together goal is to provide funding to current operation and establish or expand new program that have a proven track record. 

Veteran Ranches of American goal is to expand a program with over 50 years of proven results in transforming veterans through horses, nature and community support.