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World Standing Together Lawful Counsel was created to represent living Homo Sapien species on planet earth.  

"The veil has been lifted! Death and fear has been conquered because the Divine, the One, the ALL, has made this pronouncement and Covenant known. We hereby reclaim our birthright as lawful heirs on behalf of all and their successors. Therefore, let the united spiritual forces of Heaven, Hell, all planets, all Galaxies and all matter and existence bear witness to the Divine truth of words set forth in this most sacred Covenant of all covenants. That no higher order being, living or deceased, may deny its authority, its power and validity.  Frank O'collins

‚ÄčOur goal is simple, " To find barristers, attorneys and legal counsel that are willing to move into towards creating a new basis and lawful standard based on constitutional, common, religious and civil law of the future."

The creation of Corporate entities has brought with it billions of statutory laws worldwide as the Sovereign Nations have moved into Corporate structures. 

This is a evolution that will must and will take place in order for this planet to survive .

If you and/or your firm wants to help shape the future please contact our office  and become part of the future. 

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